3 Pitfalls When Build Business Networks

By | January 8, 2019

Not all efforts to build social networks are created equal . In fact , developing the types of specific business networking can make your career shaken , not increase it for the better .

Here are 3 types of people you need to avoid in building a business networking .

1 . Leader of biased

Do not just rely on advisors same views with you . They just reaffirmed the view and your opinion biased . Look for people who have a different background or principles that are useful and would encourage you to make more informed business decisions can be justified because it uses more resources .

2 . Practitioners networking shallow

Such a person is also not easily recognizable . They usually only give a superficial interaction with the people he met . That is , they were more likely to pursue as many acquaintances but ignore the quality of the introductions . A larger network and wider is not necessarily better . That’s what should be kept in mind . Make sure your relationship with the introduction of new acquaintances have deep meaning , not just exchange business cards .

3 . the chameleon

Do not change the interest , principle and personality just to be part of a wider business network . And you need to be aware if there is this kind of person in front of you . You can not build a business network that means to him . However , the most important you do not mimic the behavioral patterns of a chameleon . Be yourself .

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