3 Steps to Deal with Emotional Employees in the Workplace

By | January 2, 2019

No matter how much time you spend in the office , it is important to recognize that people may sometimes be emotionally out of control and in the office . It does not matter whether it’s for personal reasons or because of the work load . Many leaders feel uncomfortable if subordinates have emotional behavior but instead they ignore you this , give the appropriate response to the following three tips .

First , let the employees expend emotional emotions . Throughout the emotional expenditure done still in the corridor of the norm , you do not need to be concerned about employees being emotional in the workplace . In fact, if you want more care , you should try to help relieve emotions . Be cool and give a tissue to wipe tears from his eyes , for example . Or pat his shoulder , accompanied by soothing words and soothing feelings . There are some people who think crying in the office was very unprofessional but it should be recognized that humane .

Second , provide feedback in a simple , not overdone . Focus on the employee ‘s emotional and hold yourself if you want to give a lecture or patronize your own story that could backfire . Do not pressure him to tell you about the cause of his emotional if the employee is not willing to talk to you . Wait he is quiet , new you can ask it with a clearer mind .

Third , set a specific plan to address this emotional situation . Can you temporarily reduce working bebank borne the employee until he is ready to work again without being emotional ? Give a time limit for him to calm down and after that , have it working again . Can you monitor progress and how it affects performance so ?

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