Choose the model that Consumer Acquisition Makes Sense

By | January 1, 2019

The process of getting the consumer is indeed one of the most important points in a startup . Without a consumer , the products and services you will not be sold and that means there will not be any income . By having a growing customer base , position your startup will be more robust in the market .

However , agarhal how it can be achieved ? Here are 3 models that are commonly used consumer acquisition entrepreneur .

1 . pure Marketing
In this model , there are various kinds of stories that you can tell , content marketing , brand inauguration , and campaigns to generate more and more active consumers . No man is selling here . Product customization or adjustment occurs minimal . Self done as much as possible .

2 . sales in
Electronic mail , the use of mobile phones and web -oriented sales staff ( including follow-up prospective customers and prospects outbound ) . Sales in this it needed a lot of labor and need a product price point and sales cycle to ensure people who want to sell to someone else .

3 . Sales in the field
The size and complexity of large sales often guarantee face to face sales . As a model , this is very expensive and often takes a lot of capital when starting .

Next time , if you meet an entrepreneur who started talking about an idea , ask in detail about his expertise regarding consumer acquisition models , especially those based marketing , sales and field sales and see which model is appropriate .

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