Customers stages in Adopting New Products

By | January 5, 2019

Introduce a new product made ​​by the process of innovation itself requires the introduction to the wider community . The process consists of several stages , among others :

At this stage, the prospective new customers pay attention to innovation but still have a bit of information on innovative products . The task of the company is to disseminate information on innovative products in targeted market segments or planned .

At this stage the prospective customers are encouraged to seek further information on innovative products . The task of the company is to facilitate the prospective customers to obtain information that is disseminated .

Prospective customers considering whether to use the innovative product or not . In this test phase the company must guard against the product being tested by them were not in accordance with what they expect.

If the pilot phase is successful then the prospect will decide to use innovative product with full and regularly . The task of the company in this stage is to maintain the trust of the customers degan while maintaining product quality and service . On the other hand the company must continue to develop existing products to obtain a new product innovations .

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