Guide and Tips for Choosing the Right Location for Business Premises

By | January 9, 2019

In this article , will be given some tips and tricks for you who are looking for a business location .


Quick and easy way to get a good spot Feng shui for the business is to ask the reason for the previous owner of the place . If they moved to a location greater effort to improve the business and success , then the building is considered to have good chi energy .

On the other hand , avoid renting a business location if the previous tenant moved due to bankruptcy or karen dispute . If you had already hired should do a cleansing energy .

Check the environment and the external factors surrounding the building . Check all power and telephone poles along the road where the office stands . Electricity and telephone poles around the building should have a position perpendicular to the ground .

Avoid locations near a drain, sewer , or channel that is open around the building . When it rains , drains and channels that carry plenty of water with mud and trash . In Feng Shui , water should be clean and clear . If the drainage system there is not good , we retan buildings affected by flooding when heavy rains .

Avoid locations near electrical towers , electric transformers , and large phone box .

Avoid locations near the hospital , unless we move the business field in the medical field .

Make sure the edges of the walls , roof lines , and sharp boundary of the neighboring buildings do not assign it to all of our buildings .
Avoid fire station , police stations , prisons , landfills , churches , temples , and tombs .

Check the site to see when it rains the rain water drainage and direction . We do not want to be in the lowest part of which can lead to stagnant water around the building .

Note the direction the wind is blowing . Choose a place that is opposite to the direction of the wind .


Check the location of stairs and entrance . Avoid building that has stairs right in front of the entrance.

Avoid building had a back door parallel to the main door .
Bring equipment that can help you check the floor and walls of the building , flat or not .

Bring Check your compass and magnetic field of the building. Although rare , there are buildings that the magnetic field is unstable , should be avoided . How to detect it is to walk straight while carrying a compass . If the pointer is not stable and keeps spinning , then it means that the magnetic field in the room is not stable .

Check the view from the window . Avoid building that has a view of the high power lines and towers , electric transformers , hospital , fire station , police stations , prisons , churches , temples , cemeteries , landfills , or sharp edges lead to us .

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