Determining An Entrepreneur Salary

As an entrepreneur , you have more power to your business and your budget than anyone else , which means you can fully determine the amount of your own salary . However , despite the freedom of determining the amount of your salary sounds very tempting in theory , in reality most business owners / entrepreneurs find it difficult to do so . Do you have to pay your own… Read More »

Discuss Difficult Issues in Meeting

Easy to become a critical business leader who can not face the facts , but in reality , most of us have to deny the occasional , usually without knowing it . To encourage the implementation of better screening and detailed the critical and crucial issues , find ways to encourage dialogue when complex problems arise . The denial will be rare when all teams within the company to objectively… Read More »

3 Pitfalls When Build Business Networks

Not all efforts to build social networks are created equal . In fact , developing the types of specific business networking can make your career shaken , not increase it for the better . Here are 3 types of people you need to avoid in building a business networking . 1 . Leader of biased Do not just rely on advisors same views with you . They just reaffirmed the… Read More »

8 Strategies Surviving in Business

There are many people who have set up businesses , and succeed . However, over the business world , many emerging competitors and their presence increases the risk of the business . There are successful survive , while others failed and collapsed and disappeared from circulation . The ability to survive running a business is certainly a challenge . Then how can survive a highly competitive business world it ?… Read More »

To Arrange Budget This Year, Do not Use Last Year Figures

When preparing the budget for the coming year , the numbers are already on the previous year’s budget is often used as a benchmark . Even if you scrutinize all the assumptions and look at each number and the number presented , you will probably get that number and that number is only slightly different from last year . Why did it happen ? As the number and that number… Read More »

Customers stages in Adopting New Products

Introduce a new product made ​​by the process of innovation itself requires the introduction to the wider community . The process consists of several stages , among others : Awarness At this stage, the prospective new customers pay attention to innovation but still have a bit of information on innovative products . The task of the company is to disseminate information on innovative products in targeted market segments or planned… Read More »

Recipe Success becomes Developer Application

The proliferation of mobile devices helped boost growth in the mobile app stores like the App Store application for iOS , Google Play Store for Android to Windows Phone Store . No wonder if the developers are racing to make the application . However , it seems useless if developers have bothered to develop the application , but the application does not print successfully . Although the application is made… Read More »

Task Delegation in Business Development

In business development , delegation of tasks is very important. Just because you are a leader in the business , so all the work you did it yourself . When business is still on a small scale , it may be done . But when the business grows, you also must be able to delegate tasks to employees . Here are some tips , so that you can delegate tasks… Read More »

3 Steps to Deal with Emotional Employees in the Workplace

No matter how much time you spend in the office , it is important to recognize that people may sometimes be emotionally out of control and in the office . It does not matter whether it’s for personal reasons or because of the work load . Many leaders feel uncomfortable if subordinates have emotional behavior but instead they ignore you this , give the appropriate response to the following three… Read More »