Recipe Success becomes Developer Application

By | January 4, 2019

The proliferation of mobile devices helped boost growth in the mobile app stores like the App Store application for iOS , Google Play Store for Android to Windows Phone Store . No wonder if the developers are racing to make the application .

However , it seems useless if developers have bothered to develop the application , but the application does not print successfully . Although the application is made is quite interesting , but without proper marketing , applications are made to feel useless if not widely downloaded .

Therefore , for the developers , it is important to promote and provide exact explanation of the application is to draw attention and satisfy the interests of users . Here are three ways to be successful so the application developer as reported :

1 . Start with the free version
Do not immediately jump sell paid apps in the category , unless the user is never used before. Especially if you’re a new player , try to release the free version first. That way , users can get information about the application that you created . Ask for input from the user regarding the release of a free application that you are . Once known , you is fine launching paid version .

2 . Compelling presentations
Got a great app but if not how to display user interest also useless . A well presented application that will surely attract users . In addition , the media to promote the application should also be considered . If you are planning to promote the application for educational purposes , then it would be better if promoted in educational sites and other related platforms .

3 . Do not forget the application after release
One cause of failure in business is not managing the business well . This is natural , because the existing business still needs serious attention from its owner . Similarly, the release of the application , do not forget that after the application is launched in one of the app store .

Instead, try to routinely check the sale and use of data , as well as the input provided by the user . That way you know what features are so user likes and dislikes of the application . It would be very useful if you plan to release a version of improvement .

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