The Social Network to Handle Crisis

By | January 12, 2019

The more we find both large corporations , medium and small are very enthusiastic about using social networks (social media ) as a powerful tool in dealing with crises in their business .

Gold SMWF community manager , Sheldon Levine , ( through Y. Widodo in ” Enterprise Web Era ” ) has 5 key points in using social networking as a means of handling the crisis . Here’s the explanation .

Invite us to discuss the team . This is so that they understand what social networking can be melted in a strategy to be developed to solve the problems facing the company . If it is deemed appropriate, specify the roles and responsibilities distributed to each member of our team .

And do not forget we have to agree about the message that should be conveyed to the fans / followers . It would be better if accompanied by an agreement on the frequency and quantity of information to be delivered ( eg, how many tweets per day or how status per day ) .
Be always alert to take action monitoring ( monitoring ) are periodic . Let us not neglect the time period is too long because of problems can arise at any time . And to prevent the growing problem , we can take preventive actions to find negative signals .

The message hit
The contents of the message and hit the right should be prepared as possible . During a crisis , communication can help but can also be destructive. For that we need a template ( a common example ) that can be used under certain conditions . Crisis often encourage people to become reactive , emotional . That is why we need a proper message tone . Shows empathy and sensitivity to the difficulties experienced by the person concerned . And if possible , also offer alternative solutions that can be taken .

Informative attitude and a light hand
When we have to compose the message , enter the information that could help the public . When a crisis occurs , the audience are the ones who will disseminate the information , either positive or negative for us . Help the public in order to understand precisely what is happening and what is done by the company to get it done . Ask the public to distribute . ( various sources / * Akhlis )
However honesty is the foundation for a business to gain the trust of the customers / consumers . So when a business seeks to build the image by saying that is not true , sooner or later it will backfire for himself .

When faced with a problem , usually people want to know whether it is true or just a baseless rumor . Not a care in the world online or offline , dishonesty is something that can not be tolerated . When composing messages , tell the truth in a way that is polite and not hurt any party . In the public eye , honesty and transparency will lighten the load , although it could be pure corporate fault .

Social networks can be used as a tool to deal with the situation before the information does not reflect the reality is widespread . We pitched a message seeking a solution and will be happy to give you an answer if it has found the solution will delay the dissemination of the problem or crisis . But no answer or wrong answer with information also gives a more serious risk to the credibility of the company .

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