Task Delegation in Business Development

By | January 3, 2019

In business development , delegation of tasks is very important. Just because you are a leader in the business , so all the work you did it yourself .

When business is still on a small scale , it may be done . But when the business grows, you also must be able to delegate tasks to employees . Here are some tips , so that you can delegate tasks effectively .

1 . Find a team player , not a command receiver
When you receive employees , look for those who can take the initiative and work independently . You certainly do not want to employ people who just take orders , but was unable to speak his mind . When interviewing prospective employees , give a question which could explain their ability to work . For example , When you are given a project to be completed but do not know where to start , what would you do ?

2 . Delegate gradually
Every employee , especially in new business , it will usually take a while to adapt . Therefore delegate tasks gradually , not all at once . Invite them to see how you work from day to day , explain the task , and then delegate the job .

3 . Give responsibilities , not just tasks
Do not just give you a task , but also give them responsibility . For example , rather than provide a list of consumer bills , provide them the opportunity to organize it all . It was to provide an opportunity for them to further develop the financial system or way of billing to the consumer .

4 . Encourage initiatives
Avoid being a boss who does not want to accept input , you just have to encourage them to take the initiative . Try to open in any advice given . Although not all can be done , you should still be able to create an open discussion .

5 . errors? its okay
No matter how well your employees , errors may occur . Do not make an issue of it ririskiky prolonged . As long as your employees are already aware of it and trying to fix it , you also have to go on .

6 . Avoid blaming
When there is a problem , it seems easier to blame each other . You have to show the attitude , I do not care who is at fault , I only care to resolve the problem . When employees are aware that your attention is on the solution , the pressure will be lost and a sense of responsibility to clear up any problems arise .

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