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Financial Bookkeeping Tips For Entrepreneurs

As an entrepreneur , you should be able to build a system early in the books that can help your business more organized and finance companies can be managed properly . The system here is a simple process in regulating the acceptance , inclusion , and various supporting documents . In summary , financial management can be translated into three steps . 1 . Maintain and organize records and revenue… Read More »

Employees Not Only Just Assets, But Also Become Brand Ambassadors

The workplace is an interactive environment between employees and managers to achieve common goals . One important factor to achieve these goals is moral . To improve one’s moral , leader or manager must understand how to treat subordinates or employees well . A survey of the field of credibility and trust , Edelman Trust Barometer collects the data by more than 30 thousand people in 2012 . The survey… Read More »

3 Marketing Lessons Can Be Taken From Figure Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock Holmes may simply figures of British detective fiction , but the influence of culture and forensic strong enough through movies , books , and comics . Eccentric personality and detection methods are continually changing the inspiration of the fans of the detective story until a century now . Holmes is the personification of logical thinking . The theory applies to everything we do every day and has become the… Read More »

Determining An Entrepreneur Salary

As an entrepreneur , you have more power to your business and your budget than anyone else , which means you can fully determine the amount of your own salary . However , despite the freedom of determining the amount of your salary sounds very tempting in theory , in reality most business owners / entrepreneurs find it difficult to do so . Do you have to pay your own… Read More »

To Arrange Budget This Year, Do not Use Last Year Figures

When preparing the budget for the coming year , the numbers are already on the previous year’s budget is often used as a benchmark . Even if you scrutinize all the assumptions and look at each number and the number presented , you will probably get that number and that number is only slightly different from last year . Why did it happen ? As the number and that number… Read More »

Task Delegation in Business Development

In business development , delegation of tasks is very important. Just because you are a leader in the business , so all the work you did it yourself . When business is still on a small scale , it may be done . But when the business grows, you also must be able to delegate tasks to employees . Here are some tips , so that you can delegate tasks… Read More »

Tips For Your Business Can Go to Mass Media

Today more and growing entrepreneurial media covering the entrepreneurial activities . If your business could not be covered by the media there are several tips to get your business covered by the media . In contrast to the paid advertisement , a news media is a means of free publicity . But you must be careful in using this medium because there are some things that should be met when… Read More »